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1st Dire International Tech Expo is Ethiopia’s largest and most extensive Technology Exhibition, Conference and Summit. Dire International Tech Expo is where established technology servicev endors, private and public sector decision makers, integrators, and users of ICT technology for business or public good—as well as disruptive startups with unique solutions—come together to create important networks and build valuable partnerships

From enterprise solutions to large telecom operators, Technology Expo Ethiopia brings the latest technology innovations to benefit organizations operating or planning to engage in the expanding Ethiopian market. The Expo serves as a catalyst for collaboration and coopetition between foreign and local technology companies and a multitude of partners in the ICT ecosystems

The event combines unrivaled conference content with a major exhibition and a well-crafted networking opportunity. As The Second diplomatic capital and a rising conference tourism destination—enchanting Dire Dawa provides the appropriate setting for business travelers and those curious to explore the opportunities of the wider Ethiopian market
Join us at Dire International Tech Expo and unlock the possibilities of the future, as we shape the digital landscape and drive innovation in the heart of Ethiopia.

Scope Dire International Expo
Length of Event 5 (Five) days
Dates May 24 - May 28,2024
Location of the Event Diredawa Youth Sport Center
Zone 1: Registration

Zone 1 is dedicated to the registration process. Participants can check in, receive their event badges, and get any necessary materials.

Zone 2: Exhibition

Zone 2 features various exhibitions where attendees can explore and interact with the latest products and services from different companies.

Zone 3: Workshops

Zone 3 offers a range of workshops conducted by industry experts. Participants can learn new skills and gain valuable insights in their respective fields.

Zone 4: Main Stage

Zone 4 is the main stage area where keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other presentations take place. It's the central hub of the event.

Zone 5: Networking

Zone 5 provides a dedicated space for attendees to network and connect with like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful conversations and collaborations.

Zone 6: Food Court

Zone 6 offers a variety of food and beverage options, ensuring attendees can grab a quick bite or enjoy a meal during the event.

Zone 7: Relaxation

Zone7 is designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. Attendees can take a break, unwind, or engage in recreational activities to recharge themselves.

Zone 8: Innovation Lab

Zone 8 is an innovation lab where participants can explore cutting-edge technologies, prototypes, and engage in hands-on experiences.

Zone 9: Closing Ceremony

Zone 9 is the venue for the closing ceremony, where the event concludes with special announcements, awards, and a memorable farewell.

Date & Venue

May 24 - May 28, 2024

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

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For any enquiries, email us at info@direinttechexpo.com or
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