The Dire International Tech Expo 2024

Showcase your innovations at the premier technology event of the year!

  • Meet Ethiopia’s fore most Technology leaders
  • the national demand for Technology sector is booming locally.
  • Networking and unrivaled audience participation.
  • It is the first international technology expo at the regional level in Ethiopia
  • multifarious ICT services at the Federal Level

The Dire International Tech Expo

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Dire Dawa Administration and Skylink Technologies has made the development of Technologies as one of its strategic priorities soas to implement the Idea to Reality. The Technology policy, theincentives and the rise of government expenditure in Technology infrastructure and service are the reflection the government’s commitment to use Technology as a tool for rapid economic growth. The trends in the development of Technology indicate that there is a dynamic growth of Technology infrastructure and services in the country. In addition, there are untapped Technology market opportunities for domestic and foreign investors, especially following the enormous national demand due to its multi- dimensional role and emphasis given to the Technology sector in achieving the Idea to Reality

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The Dire International Tech Expo

  • Showcase the latest technological advancements.
  • Foster networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange through expert-led sessions.
  • Support startups through exposure, funding, and mentorship.
  • Investors: Venture capitalists, angel investors, and funding organizations interested in ICT-related ventures.
  • Government Representatives: Officials and policymakers interested in promoting ICT adoption and digital literacy.
  • Researchers and Academics: Scholars and researchers in the field of ICT, contributing to knowledge dissemination and innovation.
  • BIndustry Professionals: Executives, decision-makers, and professionals from various sectors interested in adopting ICT solutions.
  • Startups: Early-stage companies seeking exposure, funding, and mentorship.
  • Reinforce relationships with existing buyers and partners.
The Dire International Tech Expo

Skylink Technologies is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company established in 2021 to provide innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to businesses, educational institutions and government organizations. Led by a team of IT professionals with over 18 years of experience, Skylink Technologies aims to help clients streamline their operations, increase productivity and achieve their goals. Through a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and technological excellence, Skylink Technologies has become a trusted ICT partner. Skylink Technologies offers a range of IT services to support organizations of all sizes in various industries.

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Mayor's office of EFDR Dredawa Administration together with Skylink Technologies organizes the first international technology bazaar, exhibition and conference in Dredawa city from May 24 - May 28 2024.

Paperless Day

One of the Technology Week initiatives is Paperless Day. So you all are invited to be part of this initiative and try to avoid using paper by promoting Technology. The paperless day will be announced soon.

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) AWARDS

Date & Venue

May 24 - May 28, 2024

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

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